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Welcome to Blackwood Soundsystem!

It was 1989 hanging around some weeks in Jamaica, we founded our own soundsystem. Influenced by famous soundmen like Lee Perry, King Tubby or Jah Shakka, we made our first steps in our own neighbourhood in the very south of Germany.

In those days, reggae was hard to find in clubs, and most of the people only know artists like Bob Marley or Peter Tosh. To fill this gap, we tried to find a way to present Dancehall and Dub in an authentic style. Therefore we built the Blackwood Soundsystem.

To build a marvellous soundsytem you need plenty of speakers and the experience of years, to connect them in the proper way. A deep bass line, kicking mids and tops like razor are necessary to get full satisfaction.

To drive the speaker with maximum power, you need strong amps and plenty of different blinking units. And you need the most important thing: Jah Guidance !!

Join one Blackwood Rockers Arena session in the future to feel the vibe !!

Blackwood Soundsystem

Blackwood Soundsystem

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